In the "Swing" of things

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I know...I know...that was REALLY bad pun and totally unhip for a jazz musician to say things like that.

Last evening we visited the workshop/factory of a local artist: he works in glass. He works in an old factory that he has rebuilt for his use as studio/workshop and gallery. He makes everything from earings, to vases, to ornamental items, to large wall hangings. He also is an amatuer jazz musician. In the middle of his workshop he had a Hammond B3 organ and vintage Fender Rhodes electric piano. He was playing 'Blue Monk' as we walked in.

He also served us his own recipe for Goulash, my first serving on this trip. He also served various cheeses, lunchmeats and fruit. He also served fine wine and limited editions of local beers. It was a wonderful time. He has invited the jazz faculty from this camp before. He was a wonderful host.

The classes are going very well. I especially enjoy working with the students in my saxophone class.

I don't know if you are aware, but the workshop here is very close to Moravia (here they call it Morava). I have had several conversations here with other faculty about the "Moravian Brothers" (the Czech version of the Moravian Church I assume). One of the other saxophone teachers recommended I visit Herrnhut--the town where the Moravian Brotherhood is based. I don't know if it is possible since time is short and I must relt on other people for a ride.

I have been VERY BUSY writing out parts for my band and preparing materials for my classes. Every night we have jam sessions but I don't get the chance to practice and I really miss my workouts on the horn.

I have to go now, but I will try to write again tomorrow.

Dobre den! (Good day!)

Doctor Neil